COVID-19, City Operations and Event Update Continued(3)

What We Are Doing and Recommend to Protect Valued Employees and Customers

  • We are following CDC guidelines regarding environmental cleaning and are also increasing the frequency of cleaning city-operated buildings. We will also continue to check bathrooms to ensure handwashing supplies are stocked and available.
  • Posters and other educational materials have been posted and made available
  • Meetings with large number of employees are strongly discouraged.
  • The City is encouraging meetings and events be kept to a minimum and video conferencing or call-in networking utilized instead. The City will adhere to the concept of “social distancing” where a minimum of 60” distance between people is advised.

At this time, City operations will continue as normal, with the exception of City Council meetings. City Council meetings will still be open to the public; however, the City is asking that only employees who have presentations to City Council attend. The Council meeting can be watched at home on Access16 or online at 

Make a Plan

  • If a community spread of COVID-19 happens in Salisbury, it is important to have a plan in place for yourself, your family, your staff and business. Things to consider when making your plan:
  • Stay informed – know where to go to receive the most accurate updates.
  • Ensure your entire business and household is practicing the everyday preventative actions listed above.
  • Should a member of your business or household get sick, identify a separate room and bathroom for them to prevent infection to staff, shoppers or your household.
  • If surfaces in your business or home are dirty, use the recommended COVID-19 Fighting Products.
  • Talk with your staff and family about COVID-19, try to remain calm, and reassure them they are safe. Familiarize yourself with guidelines to help your staff and family cope with an emergency.
  • Begin thinking about how you can sale items online

Where to go for Additional Resources

Rowan County

  • The Rowan County Public Health has created a page with key information and updates:
  • For information about City events such as recreation activities or board meetings that are postponed or cancelled, visit

State Resources

General Information

The following links are useful for businesses to create and maintain emergency plans:

We want to reassure you that the health and safety of our Downtown Team is a top priority. As we continue to monitor this situation, we will share additional updates on ongoing proactive preparation and mitigation efforts as they become available. Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns to Larissa Harper or myself, Latoya.

  *Thank you to the Rowan Chamber for providing these two links*

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