A Boutique Full Of Love

Tonyan Schoefield

A boutique full of love, style and grace. A place for empowering women, and a home for the “Curvy Woman.” Tonyan Schoefield, a curvy woman who had a hard time finding clothes for many years, had a dream to design clothes, but couldn’t sew. She began looking for “Fashionable Fashion Forward” clothing for the curvy woman. As she looked and shopped for this specific style of clothing, it soon led to the existence of the Tonyan Grace Boutique.

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Downtown Doughnuts

Downtown Salisbury is proudly awaiting the debut of another upcoming store.

Amber Springer has been in and around Salisbury for years. She has been running The Dilly Dally studio downtown for about two and a half years now, but is expanding into a new venture. As an entrepreneur, she is excited to open a doughnut shop by the Moroney at 209 South Main Street.

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Lost & Found

Downtown Salisbury is full of unique stores and sights that ensure any visit will be special. Lost & Found is one store that is a hidden gem for Salisbury. Though located near the heart of downtown, the storefront does not face one of the main roads. Just around the corner from the two-hour parking lot off E. Innes between Main and Lee, it is easy to swing by during a day downtown, but unfortunately it can also be easily missed.

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Downtown Restaurant Boom

A new year has begun, and for many people in Downtown Salisbury, it presents a new beginning.

New places are popping up on the blocks surrounding Main St., including notable new restaurants. Each one has a unique atmosphere paired with an expansive variety of food and beer. Locals in Salisbury and visitors to our historic downtown can appreciate the new vibrant life that the budding locations are bringing.

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