Downtown Salisbury Inc. announces recipients for Supporting Existing Business Grant

Funds made possible through the Duke Energy Foundation

DOWNTOWN SALISBURY, INC. (DSI) announces 27 awards totaling more than $156,000 in economic impact to downtown businesses within the designated Downtown Salisbury Municipal Service District (MSD). These grants are part of the Supporting Existing Businesses Grant Program, made possible by the Duke Energy Foundation, which focuses on strengthening and uplifting communities with vibrant economies, climate resiliency, and justice, equity, and inclusion.

“We are honored and grateful to be one of 20 organizations named as a recipient of the Duke Energy Grant in this most recent round of gifting,” said Sada Troutman, Downtown Salisbury, Inc. director.  “Allowing DSI to make awards to the business and property owners who make Downtown Salisbury a great place to live, work and play has been a powerful reminder of the good work our stakeholders continuously do for our community.”

All business owners located within the MSD, with a storefront presence, and fewer than 50 employees, were invited to apply for grants between $500 and $2,500. The funds can be used for enhanced service or commerce opportunities, furniture for expanded outdoor capacity, storefront beautification, or tools or programs to support workforce needs.

Recipients of the Supporting Existing Businesses Grant Program and their projects:

Enhanced Service or Commerce Opportunities

Modifying physical space, technology to improve online sales, or expanding capacity for delivering goods and services.

Glass Ingenuity

Move current stained glass and mosaic business from a studio in the house to a brick-and-mortar on South Main St.  

Add a privacy curtain for facials and a new electric table/bed for a more ergonomic work environment.

Expand the current business model of supporting the local arts community by adding a three-chair salon.

Update the sound system at the Meroney Theatre to allow for better amplification and accessibility for actors/actresses and the community.

Remodel the basement and create a space that can be used to host special events and community events.

Install new and improved ballet barres and floors for the dancers that will aid in injury prevention provide lateral foot support for balance, and sound amplification for tap and percussive dance.

Furnish the new Tiny Town play shopping area for toddlers and create a parent lounge area.

New signage, an a-frame, and remodel of the dressing rooms to provide a personalized shopping experience not available online.

Purchase essential cleaning supplies needed for pet owners and place them throughout the downtown to keep the downtown clean and provide easy accessibility for dog walkers.

Furniture or Expanded Outdoor Capacity

Materials for construction of takeout windows, accessibility compliance for additional outdoor seating, and additional fixtures required for compliance with public health issues.

Replace missing and dilapidated patio and rooftop furniture with new and a more vibrant seating area.

Add an outside picnic table area to allow tenants & employees the ability to enjoy the town while eating/socializing.

Purchase new outdoor seating, install new art installations, lights, and tow gazebos, and fill in concrete holes.

Store Beautification

Projects enhancing the appearance of the business and downtown region. For example, new exterior paint, awnings, signage, or planters.

Build and install a platform and upgrade lighting that will brighten the front business windows, will bring more visibility, and improve the impression of downtown as vehicles drive through and pass the square.

Improvements to make the business more visible to the community and visitors.

Replace the cracked glass and metal trim in front of the business and redo the wood and paint under the awning to give a more appealing look.

Install outdoor canopies that will provide a more luxurious and upscale feel on Main Street that will be more pleasing to clients and customers alike.

Paint the existing painted areas of the storefront, as well as the second-level window frames. Replace the existing light fixtures located at the entrance area of the storefront and enhance the storefront entrance area with planted vegetation.

Paint the existing painted areas of the storefront, as well as the second-level window frames. Replace existing light fixtures located at the entrance and enhance the storefront entrance area with planted vegetation.

Install a new business sign to go above the breezeway, outdoor seating with plants, pots, greenery, etc. and repair old termite damage in the window displays.

Replace broken tiles around the storefront windows.

Add new signage promoting the business as a Men’s + Women’s Boutique and paint the windows on the second floor.

Install new storefront signage to include a large sign above the window and two vinyl window stickers to attract new business.

Replace the current sign with one that provides more visibility and attracts new business. As well as improvements to the interior that will provide an experience for customers/visitors.

Install new signage and awning to bring more visibility to the businesses and create a fun vibrant space in downtown.

Install new awnings to the second and third-floor windows, new permanent planters, and lighting that will bring more attention to the storefront.

Tools or Programs to Support Workforce Needs

For example, working with a recruiter, paying to list job opportunities or tuition for a training program.

Purchase a new computer and better programs to enhance and edit photos and videos.

Expand the “Bike to Basics” program with new community education sessions on the topics of proper bicycle riding, safety, and mechanics.

Said Troutman, “It goes without saying, the past few years have been incredibly trying for small businesses across the country, and Downtown Salisbury is no exception. The $25,000 allowed DSI to create a grant program that provided small businesses funding to bring visions and business expansions to life. This will continue to make Downtown Salisbury a vibrant community asset and destination for tourists and residents alike.”

Downtown Salisbury serves as a central hub for existing and growing small businesses and creates a critical mass of activities where commercial, cultural, and civic activities are concentrated. As these small businesses use their grant projects to continue the progress and development of Downtown Salisbury, visit their shops, see their growth, explore Downtown Salisbury, and always, Shop Local. For more information about each project, visit

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