Parking Permit Guidelines

Commercial and Residential Parking Program
Pilot Program, 2022-2023


The purpose of this pilot program is to address the need for more parking options in Downtown Salisbury. While the City offers many on-street and off-street parking locations, this program aims to specifically address the need for residents, property and business owners and employees to have parking options that are not on Main Street or Innes Street. This program will free up parking in front of buildings (on Main Street and Innes Street, as well as side streets) for customers and visitors to Downtown.

The advocacy of Downtown Stakeholders and the support of the Police Department has resulted in a very capable hire for parking enforcement, and has resulted in a rigorous ticketing program. This has shown need for variety of parking options throughout the downtown to address multiple locations, which this pilot program will offer.

This pilot program will run for one year to evaluate demand, and will offer updates to Council at more frequent intervals.


This program is coordinated by the Downtown Development Department, located at 217 S Main Street, City Hall. Individuals should direct inquiries and payments to this department via email or phone, or 704-637-7814.

Leasing will open on December 14, 2022, and the pilot program will go into effect on January 1, 2023. There will be no holds on parking spaces without a complete application and payment in full. Each person may lease up to two (2) parking spaces. This is a first come, first served program, and the applications opens at 12pm on December 14th. It will be available on the Downtown Salisbury website ( or in person at the Downtown office.

Terms and Lease Process

➢ Submit Downtown Parking Space Application online or in person, including acknowledgement that there will also be a lease agreement to be signed, as well as proof of downtown residency, property ownership or employment, as is required to lease a parking space.

➢ Once contacted by the Downtown office staff with acknowledgement of timely application, bring current ID, completed application and proof of residency, building ownership or employment (utility bill, lease, driver’s license, letter from employer, etc.) to the Downtown office at 217 S Main Street.

➢ Approve and sign all documents, including the Downtown Parking Lease Agreement.

➢ After final approval of the required documentation, a permit will be available for pickup with 3-5-day turnaround time.

➢ Place the permit in vehicle (placard on rearview mirror) when parked in the spot.

Cost for Spaces

$35/space/month–$420/space/year with payment due upon receipt of permit.


This pilot program will be only for off-street parking in designated City owned lots. Residents or business owners will be able to purchase spaces within a specific lot, and that permit will only be valid for that specific lot. The permit will NOT be parking space specific, rather it will be parking lot specific. For example, if a permit is purchased for the Wells Fargo lot, the permit-holder may park in any of the 10 parking spaces denoted by a sign. The permits and lots will be designated by color. Leased parking spaces will be marked with signs that say “Permit Required” (or something similar) and indicate the appropriate permit for that lot. Please see attached map.

-West Fisher Street Lot, Former Wells Fargo (yellow lot): 10 spaces
-City Office Building Lot (blue lot): 15 spaces (lower lot)
-Central City Lot (red lot): 5 spaces (Bernhardt Lot)

There will be an annual cost to the parking program, and permits will be valid January 1-December 31. At this point, with continuation of the program following the pilot year, renewals will be available. People interested in leasing available spaces later in the year will pay prorated rates. Except where the City can re-lease the space, no refunds will be permitted for those who do not fulfill their lease.

This will be a first come, first served pilot program.

What to do in the event a non-permitted vehicle is in a permit-only space?

For general assistance or concerns with the parking program once enacted, please call Downtown Development at 704-637-7814 during the hours of 8:30am to 5pm, Monday-Friday, except City holidays. For assistance or concerns outside of those hours, feel free to call and leave a voicemail, or email

If you find someone parked in a parking space reserved for this program, who does not have a permit displayed, please call the Salisbury Police Department at the NON-EMERGENCY number, 704-216-8500. The Salisbury Police Department many tow or ticket the vehicle parked in the permit-only space. A parking violation is a low priority call and may take time for an officer to be dispatched, depending on circumstances.

Parking Placard:

*There will be a $10 fee for replaced placards in the event of a lost card.

Parking Space Sign:

Parking Maps:

West Fisher Street Lot, Yellow Lot – 10 spaces

City Office Building Lot (Lower), Blue Lot – 15 spaces, 19.7% of lot

Central City (Bernhardt) Lot, Red Lot – 5 spaces, 12.2% of lot

Downtown Lot Location for Pilot Program – (Included lots highlighted in orange)

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