More than Just a Theatre

What started out in 1961 as an idea for a “little theatre” and with the help of a tremendous amount of generous volunteers and donors, has grown to become a Salisbury institution. After performing the first few years at Knox Junior High School, a young PPT moved performances to Hedrick

Theater at Catawba College in 1964, where the organization remained and continued to grow for nearly three decades. Resident Director Reid Leonard arrived at PPT in 1986 and immediately gained a reputation for doing a variety of top quality shows, from intense dramas to screwball comedies. In 1992, PPT purchased the Meroney Theater in Downtown Salisbury.

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A Boutique Full Of Love

Tonyan Schoefield

A boutique full of love, style and grace. A place for empowering women, and a home for the “Curvy Woman.” Tonyan Schoefield, a curvy woman who had a hard time finding clothes for many years, had a dream to design clothes, but couldn’t sew. She began looking for “Fashionable Fashion Forward” clothing for the curvy woman. As she looked and shopped for this specific style of clothing, it soon led to the existence of the Tonyan Grace Boutique.

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Downtown Doughnuts

Downtown Salisbury is proudly awaiting the debut of another upcoming store.

Amber Springer has been in and around Salisbury for years. She has been running The Dilly Dally studio downtown for about two and a half years now, but is expanding into a new venture. As an entrepreneur, she is excited to open a doughnut shop by the Moroney at 209 South Main Street.

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